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“Costco buyer USA, we are going to see”



“BEST BUY USA, we hope to do business with”

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Golfnavi Makes Smart Golf World

Company: Golfnavi
Product model: Smart Golf World

Views: 1,403 / 1,000 (100%)
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Public WiFi and IoT Solution Start-Up

Company: SBN
Product model: Public WiFi and IoT Solution

Latest International Online Convention

Views: 1,441 / 1,000 (100%)

Celeb Secret by Han Gyuri, ‘Ice Soothing Gel’ that Can Withstand the Fine Dust and Yellow Dust

Company: Before and After
Product model: Ice Soothing Gel

Views: 1,688 / 1,000 (100%)

Eco-Friendly Toddler Products Mother K’s Second Brand ‘Kay Mom’

Company: Mother K
Product model: Kay Mom

Views: 1,427 / 1,000 (100%)

Wabang and Dahrum International, Participated as MIK Beauty & Party Sponsor

Company: Wabang
Product model: Maya Cream Epona

Views: 1,380 / 1,000 (100%)

Clair Joins MIK Beauty & Party as a Sponsor

Company: Clair
Product model: The air purifier "Clair S"

Views: 1,599 / 1,000 (100%)

Handmade Beer With Fruit and Caramel Flavors Appeared in ‘Gangnam’ MIK

Company: Gangnam
Product model: Handmade beer appeared

Views: 1,622 / 1,000 (100%)

Korea Beauty Producing Beauty Products Using Characters

Company: Korea Beauty
Product model: Character Producing Beauty Products

Views: 1,532 / 1,000 (100%)

Spear Tech Successfully Completed at ‘MIK BEAUTY & PARTY 2017’

Company: Spear Tech
Product model: 'MIK BEAUTY & PARTY 2017'

Views: 1,648 / 1,000 (100%)

‘Dokkaebi Mask pack’ to ride the Fever of “Dokkaebi”

Company: Dokkaebi
Product model: Dokkaebi Mask pack

Views: 1,425 / 1,000 (100%)

Woosu Company, Snail Mucus Filtrate water White Mask Pack at MIK

Company: Woosu Company
Product model: Mask Pack

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